Welcome to Urodynamics at Boston Children's Hospital. We hope that the information on our website gives you a useful sense of what urodynamics isand how it can make a difference for your child.

"Urodynamics" refers to a group of tests and procedures that evaluate how well a child's body collects, and then releases, urine.

About our team

Boston Children's Hospital's Urodynamics  team is dedicated to finding answers and developing solutions to many different bladder function problems in childrenfrom the most common to the most rare and complex. 

Our specially trained experts have many years of experience working closely with families, referring physicians and other medical professionals, both here at Boston Children's and in the local, regional and national communities.

We believe in practicing compassionate, family-centered care, and our goal is to help each child achieve the best possible health and function over the long term. If you have questions at any time, please don't hesitate to contact us at 617-355-6171. We are always happy to help.