Thyroid Center | Research & Innovation

The Thyroid Center at Boston Children’s Hospital remains the country’s most prolific research group for studies that increase the understanding of pediatric thyroid function and disease. In particular, our investigators are leading the charge in the study of childhood thyroid nodules. For example, our research suggests that adult systems for thyroid nodule evaluation, which have long been applied directly to children, require modifications to work optimally in a pediatric population. These and other findings are changing the way clinicians care for patients with pediatric thyroid disease.

Recent Events

The clinicians in the Thyroid Center regularly participate in webinars and other professional events. Recent appearances include:

THANC (Thyroid, Head & Neck Cancer) Foundation Virtual Journal Club

American Thyroid Association (ATA) 2020 Webinar
Controversies in Thyroidology: Advanced Pediatric Thyroid Cancer – Treatment Controversies

Some of our key research findings include:

Thyroid nodules and cancer