Spina Bifida and Spinal Cord Conditions Center | Patient Stories

Pushing past the pain: Morgan’s journey with spina bifida

Morgan Gautreau was 10 when she started having nearly constant back pain from a tethered cord due to spina bifida. Eight surgeries later, she has developed a special bond with the one surgeon who was able to help.

Coming together from worlds apart for spina bifida care

Molly was born in a poor, rural region of China with a rare type of spina bifida called lipomyelomeningocele. Based on her successful care at Boston Children’s Hospital, her parents decided to adopt another child with spina bifida.

Seeing Phoenix

Phoenix was born with a lesion at the base of his spine, as well as clubfoot and hydrocephalus. With world-renowned clinicians and a specialist coordinating his care, Phoenix’s parents can focus on just being his mom and dad.

Teen with spina bifida and service dog walk a path to independence

Because of spina bifida, Adam can’t feel his feet or even a significant portion of his legs, making walking a challenge. Golden retriever Euro, his service dog, helps keep him steady on the move.

My sister, my inspiration

Colton’s little sister, Lena, was born with spina bifida. Now a teenager, she’s determined to give back to those around her—working hard as a member of Boston Children’s Teen Advisory Committee.

Celebrating Halloween in style

From dressing up to candy, everyone loves Halloween. To celebrate, we asked families to show off their creativity and share their favorite Halloween photos. Kinley and Jeffrey, patients in the Spina Bifida and Spinal Cord Conditions Center were happy to participate.

‘Spina bifida is a diagnosis, not a destiny’

“Spina bifida doesn’t hold you back as much as people think,” says 14-year-old Adam. “Hard work and persistence pay off.”

Tyler’s story: 20 surgeries with a smile

Nine-year-old Tyler has had 20 surgeries to treat his spina bifida—but that hasn’t stopped him from playing with his golden retriever puppy, planning for Cub Scout camp, dancing in the school talent show, skiing and wakeboarding.