Sedation Services

The provision of procedural sedation at Boston Children’s Hospital is a cornerstone of patient-centered care of patients in need of diagnostic imaging or procedures outside the operating room. All sedations in the hospital are overseen by the Anesthesiologist-in-Chief, who is responsible for the delivery of safe anesthesia/sedation care throughout the institution.

Health care providers who are skilled in the administration of pediatric sedation assess each patient and determine what sedation they may need for a procedure or test, based on the child’s health history and developmental level. Our team’s mission is to ensure that regardless of where in the hospital your child is being sedated they will have consistently safe, high quality care.

The responsibility for oversight of sedations performed by pediatric specialists who are not anesthesiologists devolves onto the Executive Sedation Committee.

Every location in the hospital follows consistent procedures for patient safety and for treatment in the case of unforeseen emergency situations. Representatives from each of these areas meet regularly to share safety data and to brainstorm about ways in which sedation can be made safer and more enjoyable for our patients and their families.