Primary Care at Martha Eliot | Fitness in the City

Boston Children's Hospital Fitness in the City Program provides Boston families with the tools and resources needed to live healthy and active lives as part of the community mission. it is also designed to help motivate families to set goals and participate in fitness and nutrition activities.

The program is designed to offer case management services and connect families to nutritional education and physical activities located either at their health center or in the community. Another important aspect of Fitness in the City is building relationships with community organizations such as YMCA of Greater Boston, Healthworks Community Fitness, Outdoors Rx, Boston Center for Youth and Families, Cooking Matters, and more. Fitness in the City provides referrals for children and families to these organizations to access their physical fitness and nutrition activities.

The children and youth participating in Fitness in the City will:

  • be assessed for their readiness to make the behavioral changes needed to maintain a healthy weight
  • develop wellness goals with their case manager
  • be connected to appropriate nutrition resources and opportunities for physical activity
  • attend physical activity programs at their health center or organizations such as the YMCA, Healthworks Community Fitness, and/or Boston Center for Youth and Families
  • attend a nutrition visit at their health center and/or participate in a cooking class or other nutrition education group activity