Preventive Cardiology Clinic | Research and Innovations

At any given time, Boston Children’s Hospital has hundreds of clinical trials underway. Clinical trials currently available through the Preventive Cardiology Clinic include:

CAP/Fatty Liver Study: To investigate the effect of statins on fatty liver disease as well as whether a new imaging method can be used to assess fat accumulation in the liver, patients will undergo abdominal MRIs and specialized ultrasound measurements using the FibroScan® device. Overweight patients with an LDL >160mg/dL are eligible either at their first clinic visit OR as statins are prescribed. Free parking/MBTA vouchers are available.

Preventive Cardiology Lifestyle Survey (PCLS): Patients will be asked to complete 4 different surveys to assess the use of a Preventive Cardiology Lifestyle Survey (PCLS) developed by our providers. The results from this study will assess the effect of the PCLS on identifying lifestyle behaviors that contribute to high cholesterol and hopefully improve patient care. Participants will be provided with a parking voucher or cash equivalent upon completion of the study visit.