Pain Treatment Services | Ongoing Research

Below are just some of the many ongoing research efforts occurring in the clinical and basic science settings in Boston Children's Hospital's Division of Pain Medicine:

Headache Program:

Cohort Study of Pediatric Headache Patients: This is an ongoing review of initial and follow-up patient data obtained per interview in the Headache Program. Differences among cohorts of patients are examined, including such measures as age, duration, frequency of episodes, and type of headache. We are now gathering information about group responses to intervention recommendations, treatments, and treatment outcomes. Enrollment open


  • A comparison of web-based CBT and standard medical care of pediatric patients with chronic headache
  • Brain fMRI of children and adolescents with post-concussive headaches
  • Cohort study of pediatric headache patients
  • Changes in the migraine brain in children and adolescents: an fMRI study
  • Multimodal Brain Measures of Migraine with Age, Pre-puberty-Adult (funded by the NIH)
  • An fMRI study of both pediatric patients and young adults with headaches
  • Web-Based Management Intervention for Pediatric Patients with Migraine (funded by the Migraine Research Foundation)
  • A pilot study to assess patient response to a web-based cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) intervention versus standard medical care (SMC).