Optimal Wellness for Life (OWL) Exercise Program | OWL at the Gym

OWL at the Gym helps kids discover their inner athlete.

OWL at the Gym (OATG) is a unique gym-based exercise program designed to help kids with higher weights build confidence, gain skills for sports, and improve strength in a supportive group environment. The main goals of OATG are to foster an enjoyment of exercise while improving fitness and health. At each practice, personal trainers lead kids through a warm-up, strength training, aerobic activities, a cool-down and stretches; intensity is adjusted based on kids’ fitness levels. The coaches also incorporate educational topics including how to gage exercise intensity, how to practice mindfulness, and how to build lifelong exercise habits. We offer 3 sessions each year with classes twice per week.

Who Can Participate?

The program is open to kids 10 to 18 years old in OWL or other affiliated programs of Boston Children’s Hospital. To remain eligible, all participants must be actively participating in the Optimal Wellness for Life (OWL) Clinic or another multidisciplinary program at Boston Children’s Hospital. Two levels are available for kids depending on their age, fitness level, and experience in the program.

For more information about OWL at the Gym please contact Katelyn Castro at katelyn.castro@childrens.harvard.edu or Steven Coletti at 617-919-6566 or steven.coletti@childrens.harvard.edu.