Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center | Patient Stories

Hadley Stroke Center patientStill within reach: Virtual visits keep Hadley plugged into stroke care
Although Hadley and her parents live in the Pacific Northwest, appointments with her stroke team are just a click away, thanks to the Virtual Visits telehealth program.


James pediatric stroke patientSeeing what’s possible: Pediatric stroke doesn’t slow James down
David started running to help cope with the stress of his son’s health challenges related to pediatric stroke. Today, James enjoys running right alongside his father.


Simon Pediatric stroke patientSimon’s incredible progress after neonatal stroke
After 37 weeks of a normal pregnancy, Cara noticed that her baby had stopped moving. Six months later, doctors confirmed that Simon experienced a stroke in the womb.


Matty Stroke patientCare for stroke lets Matty just be a kid
Most adults might encourage kids to behave themselves, but Dr. David Fogelman, a physiatrist in the Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center, wants to help Matty make mischief. 


Rebecca Gold pediatric stroke patientLife after stroke: Rebecca's fierce determination
After Rebecca had a stroke at camp, her parents began searching for long-term care and decided on Boston Children’s. Her parents were inspired to make Boston their home. 


Cadagan: Humor and tenacity after a stroke
At first, clinicians believed she was having a seizure. But her mother, Lori, a nurse herself, wasn’t convinced. “I knew it was something more,” she says.


NolanBouncing back: Nolan’s life after stroke
When Nolan experienced a stroke soon after birth, he was rushed to Boston Children’s Hospital for care. 


CharlieStriking a balance: Charlie’s recovery from neonatal stroke
Although stroke is typically associated with older people, it’s quite common in babies. Charlie, now age one, experienced one shortly after birth.


Patrick Stroke Patient

Banding together: Finding support for pediatric stroke
Through intensive occupational, physical and speech therapy, Patrick has slowly regained his ability to perform functions that he lost after his stroke.



From Buenos Aires to Boston for pediatric stroke care
Several times a year, Francisco and his family come to Boston from their home in Argentina for expert care of neonatal stroke.


MichelleMichelle is moving ahead after experiencing a stroke
Michelle experienced a stroke when she was a senior in high school. Today, she says, “I’m better for it.”


JacobJacob’s story: What it’s like to have a stroke as a kid
Eight-year-old Jacob explains how he’s adjusted to life after having a stroke.