Visiting the NICU

Welcome to our NICU

We are committed to providing the highest quality care in a manner that is sensitive to your child's age, cultural background and individual needs.

Your Child's Clinical Care Team:


NICU Medical Director: An attending neonatologist that provides patient care and manages and oversees unit operations
Attending Neonatologist: A pediatrician who has advanced specialty training in newborn illness and critical care
Neonatal Fellow: A pediatrician who has completed residency and is receiving specialized training in neonatology
Attending Pediatric Surgeon: A surgeon who has completed advanced training in pediatric and neonatal surgery and critical care
Surgical Fellow: A doctor who has completed residency and is continuing surgical advanced training in pediatric and neonatal surgery


Neonatal Nurse Manager: A registered nurse who has had extensive clinical experience in neonatology and also holds an advanced degree in neonatal and pediatric clinical practice and/or nursing management
Neonatal/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: An advanced practice nurse who has received extensive training and is licensed to provide full clinical management and prescribing for infants.
Bedside Nurse: A licensed registered nurse who has received additional training in the care of critically ill infants

Other Clinicians

Social Worker: A licensed professional who provides a range of psychosocial services to enhance the quality of care for patients and families, both within the hospital and the community
Respiratory Therapist: A licensed professional in respiratory care who provides consultation to the primary team for issues involving airway, breathing problems and ventilator management
Clinical Assistant: A nursing assistant who partners with a nurse in helping with various newborn care activities
Chaplain: A member of the clergy who is available 24 hours a day to offer spiritual and emotional support
Child Life Specialist: A person who uses interventions and play to help enhance patient care and who helps siblings and families adjust to health care experience
Resource Specialist: A person who helps patients and families find information and services within and outside of the hospital. Please speak with your social worker about meeting with a resource specialist

Safety Reminders:

  • Always wear your Parent ID Badge.
  • Check in at the NICU front desk each time you arrive on the unit.
  • Perform hand hygiene prior to entering the NICU.


  • Parents and guardians are welcome to visit the unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We recommend 2 visitors at a time and ask that visitors be accompanied by a parent.
  • Always complete the Visitor's Screening Questionnaire at the front desk before entering


  • Please visit the Center for Families in the lobby to apply for income-based free parking program.
  • Families that do not qualify for CFF parking can obtain one parking voucher per day from the NICU front desk.