New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center Program | For Parents and Kids

The issue of weight can be a sensitive one for families. You may have questions about what it really means to be overweight, and how it will impact the rest of your child’s health for years to come. We can provide answers to help your family make changes for a healthy life.

We know that many factors contribute to obesity. Our biology, diet, physical activity levels and surroundings all work in concert for or against our health. On this website, we offer online materials based on scientific evidence that help you make specific, realistic changes every day that will help your family have a healthier tomorrow.

Explore these resources:

Mom and Daughter

Parenting Your Child for a Healthy Weight

About the Low-Glycemic Diet

About BMI

Healthy Food Shopping List

Healthy Lunch Tracker

Healthy Recipes

Meal and Activity Planners

Kids’ Circuits: At Home Exercises

Glossary of Weight-Related Terms

Ending the Food Fight

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