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Ending the Food Fight, written by David Ludwig, MD, PhD, with Suzanne Rostler, MS, RD, is about more than just food: it is a comprehensive guide to navigating a fake food environment and making changes for a healthy lifetime.

The following questions, along with many more weight-related topics, are covered.

You may wonder:

Don’t I just have overweight genes?

What is fake food?

Learn the answers in Chapter 1: “Overweight and overpowered”

How does obesity affect the rest of the body—brain, heart, lungs, digestion, bones, hormones and overall well-being?

What can I expect if I bring my child into the OWL Clinic?

Learn the answers in Chapter 2: “Welcoming children to weight loss; a day at the OWL Clinic”

What does blood sugar have to do with my child’s weight?

Why are low-glycemic diets healthier than low-carb or low-fat diets?

How can I tell if the bread I’m eating promotes health?

How will my child be satisfied eating a low-glycemic diet?

Learn the answers in Chapter 3: “Eating to feel full”

How does physical activity affect my child’s mood, and what does that have to do with weight loss?

How can I turn play into exercise?

How does time in front of the TV affect my child’s health?

Learn the answers in Chapter 4: “Getting physical”

Should my daughter compare herself to her friends?

How does stress affect my child’s weight?

Learn the answers in Chapter 5: “It’s the thought that counts”

Are there major differences in parenting a young child and parenting an older child for a healthy weight?

Is there a better way to support my child if they are being teased for their weight?

Does my diet impact my child’s diet?

Is a healthier diet really less expensive in the long run?

Learn the answers in Chapter 6: “There’s no place like home”

How does the nine-week program work?

How can I get my child to eat more vegetables?

What’s the best way to reward my child for healthy behaviors?

Are there healthful recipes that can be prepared quickly?

Learn the answers in Chapter 7: “The nine-week program”

How can my child’s school change to support healthier behaviors?

How does the media impact my child’s diet and behavior?

Learn the answers in Chapter 8: “Changing the world”

How do I read the nutrition facts label?

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Are there healthful lunches I can pack to stay cool or hot in my child’s lunch box?

How can I quickly make healthful foods more flavorful?

Can we still have dessert?

Will preparing food every week take a long time?

Get these answers in the Recipes section in the back of the book.

And more:

Diaries from the nine-week program

Low-glycemic diet shopping list

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