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Public Broadcasting System
12/30/15 “In Defense of Food”

The New York Times
11/28/15 "Could Your Healthy Diet Make Me Fat?"

The NewYork Times
10/19/15 "The Fats You Don’t Need to Fear, and the Carbs That You Do"

The New Yorker
10/14/15 "What the Government’s Dietary Guidelines May Get Wrong" 

Time Magazine 
10/14/15 "You Asked: Should I Count Calories?"

The BostonGlobe
9/10/15 "Calling Politicians to End the Obesity Crisis"

8/11/15 "How Coke Is Subtly Blaming You For Obesity"

The New York Times
7/9/15 "Op-ed: Stop Fearing Fat?"

The Boston Globe
1/16/15  "Eating More Whole Grains is Worth the Trouble"


The New Yorker
10/24/14  "Why We're Willing to Pay More for Cereals with Ancient Grains"

9/12/14  "If You Build A Crew Program For Overweight Kids, They Will Row — And Get Fitter" (Featuring the OWL Rowing Program) 

National Public Radio
7/14/14  "Food-Mood Connection: How You Eat Can Amp Up Or Tamp Down Stress”

The New York Times
5/16/14 “Always Hungry? Here’s Why"

National Public Radio
4/15/14 “Where’s the Whole Grain in Most of Our Wheat Bread” 

The New York Times
Jan-Feb 2014 “The Picky Eater Project” (7-part series in Motherlode)

National Public Radio
2/28/14 “Tips to Take Back the Dinner Table from Picky Eaters”

The New York Times
1/15/14 "Reforming a Picky Eater, Step One: Children Don’t Control the Family Meal"


10/2/13 "Researchers: Weight Gain During Pregnancy Could Cause Childhood Obesity"

Boston Magazine
10/2/13 "Weight Gain During Pregnancy Early Indicator for Childhood Obesity"

The Today Show
10/1/13 "Extra Bites for Mom Could Mean Future Fat for Baby: Study"

8/23/13 “Our Carb Addiction?”

U.S.News & World Report
10/1/13 "Study: Childhood Obesity Linked to a Mother's Weight Gain in Pregnancy"

The New York Times
7/31/13 “Making the Case for Eating Fruit”

The Today Show
7/2/13 "Junk Food Cycle: Sugar's Impact on Your Brain"

The Boston Globe
7/1/13 "How Much Milk Do We Really Need?"

6/28/13 "Processed Carbohydrates are Addictive, Brain Study Suggests"

The New York Times
6/27/2013 "How Carbs Can Trigger Food Cravings"

The Boston Globe
6/27/13 "Has Obesity Been Mislabeled as a Disease?"

National Public Radio
6/26/13 "Can You Be Addicted To Carbs? Scientists Are Checking That Out"

National Public Radio
3/1/13 “Seeking a Grain of Truth in ‘Whole Grain’ Labels” (transcript)


The New York Times
12/25/12 “Stop Subsidizing Obesity”

ABC News
9/25/12 "Weight-Loss Benefits from Cutting Out Sugary Drinks Short-Lived"

CBS News
9/22/12 "Swapping Sugary Drinks Out of Teens' Homes Curbs Weight Gain, Study Finds"

New York Times
9/22/12 "Avoiding Sugared Drinks Limits Weight Gain in Two Studies"

9/21/12 "Studies More Firmly Tie Sugary Drinks to Obesity"

Health Day
9/21/12 "Kids Gain Weight with Sugary Drinks, Genes May Contribute: Studies
Supplying Alternatives Like Water, Diet Drinks Made a Difference"

MedPage Today
9/12/12 "Cutting Sugary Drinks Does Cut Weight Gain"

NBC Latino
9/21/12 "Study: Latino Kids Should Ditch Soda to Lose More Weight"

NBC Nightly News
9/21/12 "Yes, you can get your kids to cut out the sodas - and gain less"

NBC Nightly News
9/21/12 "Sugary Drinks Linked to Obesity"
9/21/12 "Yes, you can get your kids to cut out the sodas – and gain less"

9/21/12 "Can It! Soda Studies Cite Stronger Link to Obesity"

2012 Conference blog, 9/22/12. Fake Food and the Obesity Crisis
Great Challenges, 2012 "Childhood Obesity"

TIME Magazine
9/22/12 "Cutting Out Soda Curbs Children’s Weight Gain, Studies Show"

USA Today
9/21/12 "Teens who cut out sugary drinks slowed weight gain"

Wall Street Journal
9/21/12 "Studies Add Fuel to Sugary-Drinks Ban Debate"

9/21/12 "Sugary Drinks and Weight Gain Linked"

National Public Radio
9/1/12 “Low And Slow May Be The Way to Go When It Comes To Dieting” 

The New York Times
7/17/12 "Letters: Diet Study Authors Reply"

"In Dieting, Magic Isn’t a Substitute for Science"

New England Cable News
“The Morning Show”
7/10/2012 "Dr. Ludwig: ‘All calories are not alike’"

“On Point”
7/5/12 "New Research On Carbs"

National Public Radio 
“Talk of the Nation”
7/3/12 "Debate Revived: Low-Carb Or Low-Fat Diet?"

New York Times
6/30/12 "What Really Makes Us Fat"

CBS This Morning Google+ Hangout
6/29/12 "Not All Calories Are Created Equal - A Discussion"
6/29/12 "Are all calories equal for weight loss? Not so say researchers"

Food Republic
"Vegetarians, Carb Lovers & Coke Fans Beware"

6/27/12 "Study: Not all calories are created equal"

CBS This Morning
6/27/12 "Interview with Dr. David Ludwig"
6/27/12 "Study: All Calories Are Not Created Equal"

6/27/12 "Good Science/Bad Science: Contrasting Papers On Dietary Composition In JAMA And BMJ"

Harvard Gazette
6/27/12 "When a calorie is not just a calorie"
6/27/12 "Not all calories are the same, new research finds"

The Los Angeles Times
6/27/12 "A calorie isn't a calorie: What one man learned from diet study"

6/27/12 "Calorie vs. Calorie: Study Evaluates Three Diets for Staying Slim"

WCVB TV Channel 5
6/27/12 "New study: Foods that are best for weight loss"

6/26/12 "For Calories, It’s All About Quality Over Quantity, Harvard Study Says"

The New York Times
6/26/12 "Which Diet Works?"
6/26/12 "Low-Fat Diet Cuts Energy Output, Signals Weight Regain"

Bloomberg News
6/26/12 "Low-Fat Diet After Weight Loss May Raise Risk of Gain"

The Boston Globe 
6/26/12 "Right diet, not just reduced calories, could help maintain weight loss, study finds"

CBC (Canada)
6/26/2012 "Keeping weight off depends on carbohydrates"

HealthDay News
6/26/2012 "Certain Diets May Help Body Burn More Calories: Study"

The Huffington Post
6/26/12 "Diet Type Changes Quantity Of Calories Burned: Study"

Internal Medicine News
6/26/12 "Three Weight-Loss Diets Yield Three Metabolic Effects"

Ivanhoe Newswire 
6/26/12 "The “Low-Glycemic Index Diet”: A Better Way to Lose Weight?"

6/26/12 "When Dieting, Not All Calories Are Created Equal"

The Los Angeles Times
6/26/12 "It's not just how many calories, but what kind, study finds"

6/26/12 "Low-fat, Low-glycemic And Low-carb Diets Compared"

MedPage Today
6/26/12 "Yo-Yo Weight Gain Linked to Low-Fat Diet" (via MyHealthNewsDaily)
6/26/12 "Low-carb diets may burn the most calories"

The Wall Street Journal
"Not All Calories Equal, Study Shows"

6/26/12 "All Calories Not Created Equal, Study Suggests"

USA Today6/26/12 "Low-carb diet burns the most calories in small study"

The Today Show
6/29/12 "Low-fat, low-carb, or low-glycemic? Study shows which is best to keep weight off"

National Public Radio
6/5/12 "New Research on Carbs"

Men’s Fitness
"Are Calories From Fat, Protein and Carbs Equal?"

The New York Times 
"Opinionator: Which Diet Works?"

The New York Times
"What Really Makes Us Fat"

The Today Show
6/29/12 "TODAY broadcast a segment with Joy Bauer, TODAY’s nutrition expert, about the study and its findings"
6/29/12 "Low-fat, low-carb, or low-glycemic? Study shows which is best to keep weight off"

Psychology Today
6/7/12 "Jack Sprat, His Wife, and The Atkins Diet"

National Public Radio
5/22/12 “A Dire Sign of the Obesity Epidemic: Teen Diabetes Soaring, Study Finds”

The Atlantic
4/24/12 “Sugary Cereal: Breakfast Candy or Obeisty Cure”

ABC World News
2/26/2012 "For Calories, It's All About Quality Over Quantity, Harvard Study Says"

All Things Considered, NPR
1/17/12 "Obesity Epidemic May Have Peaked In US"


New York Daily News
10/3/11. “Experts Rightly Blast USDA for Vetoing N.Y. Study of Obesity, Soda and Food Stamps”

The Boston Globe
9/6/11 “Battling Children’s Obesity”

The New York Times
7/19/11 “Still Counting Calories? Your Weight-Loss Plan May be Outdated”

The New York Times
4/12/11 “How to Save a Trillion Dollars”

The Los Angeles Times
4/7/11 “Food Technology has been Bad for Human Health since Long Before the Invention of High-Fructose Corn Syrup”