Moyamoya Disease Program | Moyamoya Treatment Videos

Treatment for Moyamoya

Success rates for Moyamoya Surgery
Michael Scott, MD, Christopher R. Fellows Family Chair in Pediatric Neurosurgery at Boston Children's Hospital, talks about the success rates for Moyamoya surgery and the benefits of being a pediatric neurosurgeon.


Protocol for Moyamoya Treatment
Darren B. Orbach, MD, PhD, Neurointerventional Radiologist at Boston Children's Hospital, explains the role of angiography in documenting Moyamoya as well as the progression of the disease.


The Benefits of Pial Synangiosis Surgery
Edward Robert Smith, MD
, Director of Pediatric Cerebrovascular Surgery at Boston Children's Hospital, talks about the methods used to reduce the risk of strokes in the surgical treatment for Moyamoya disease.