Moyamoya Disease Program | Videos about Moyamoya

Hear from Moyamoya experts at Boston Children's Hospital.

Videos about Moyamoya 

Moyamoya Symptom Videos 
Boston Children’s Hospital offers videos about Moyamoya symptoms which are often consistent with a stroke (including weakness on one side of the body, affected vision, slurred speech, headaches, and seizures).  Symptoms can either emerge gradually and subside over time, or develop suddenly and persist. 

Moyamoya Diagnosis Videos 
The clinicians at Boston Children's Hospital may use the following imaging technologies to help diagnose, or confirm a diagnosis of, Moyamoya disease: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Magnetic Resonance Angiogram (MRA), and Computed Tomography (CT) scans. Hear our physicians speak about their process for diagnosing Moyamoya disease. 

Moyamoya Treatment Videos 
Pial synangiosis is the mainstay of surgical treatment in Boston Children's Moyamoya Disease Program. Our neurosurgeon, R. Michael Scott, MD, developed the procedure, and both Dr. Scott and Edward Smith, MD, have been performing this surgery—with excellent results—for years. Hear the physicians speak about treatment for Moyamoya disease.