Midaortic Syndrome And Renovascular Hypertension Center | Patient Stories

Parents often tell us they view the Center’s staff as members of their own families. Here are just some of our patients’ incredible stories

Maythum Midaortic patientMaythum finally finds answers for midaortic syndrome
For years, Maythum was seen at multiple hospitals and underwent various procedures to treat renal artery stenosis and, later, what physicians believed was “minor” narrowing in his aorta, a sign of midaortic syndrome.


Matt Midaortic Syndrome patientMatt’s story: An innovative approach to midaortic syndrome
What Matt’s mom thought was a broken blood pressure cuff turned out to be extremely high hypertension — and a diagnosis of midaortic syndrome. Today, Matt takes just one medication, and his local cardiologist is thrilled with his progress too.


Sydney Midaortic and Renovascular Hypertension patientLeaning into Sydney: A team approach to renovascular hypertension
Diagnosed with sickle cell disease at birth, 3-year-old Sydney is no stranger to doctors. But it was a mysterious case of high blood pressure that brought her and her parents to Boston Children’s from Missouri.


Sophie Midaortic Center patientSolving the mystery of Sophie’s high blood pressure
Sophie spent two weeks in the hospital as specialists tried to solve the medical mystery behind her severe high blood pressure. Now Sophie is off all medication and is thriving!


Quinn Midaortic Syndrome PatientMaking the decision: Choosing MAGIC
When medication could no longer manage his midaortic syndrome, Quinn and his family came from Utah to Boston for care. 


Nora Midaortic Patient

'She's a fighter': Nora's amazing recovery 
When a routine physical revealed that Nora’s blood pressure was high, her family visited a slew of specialists until they received an overwhelming diagnosis.



Second opinion gives Cameron a second chance
After multiple surgeries and a bilateral kidney autotransplant to treat his midaortic syndrome, Cameron no longer needs to take any medications.


Justin Midaortic Patient

Midaortic syndrome takes Arizona teen to Boston
Dr. Kim used Justin’s own artery as a shunt to treat midaortic syndrome. The organic material has grown with Justin, eliminating the need for a repeat intervention.


Kenslie Midaortic Patient

Catching up with Kenslie: Life after surgery
Instead of using artificial material in an aortic bypass, Kenslie’s doctors created a tissue graft using part of one of her own veins.


Sofia Midaortic Patient

Changing the face of treatment to save Sofia
Little Sofia benefited from a first-of-its-kind treatment for midaortic syndrome.



Kenslie Shealy Midaortic Patient

Kenslie's story: A new brother and chance at life
A minimally invasive technique called stenting helped two-year-old Kenslie delay surgery for midaortic syndrome.


Cristian Midaortic

New surgical technique helps to avoid transplant
Cristian and Jayshia were among the first patients to benefit from the TESLA approach for midaortic syndrome. See how they’re doing now.