Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit | Visiting Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Parents are welcome in the Medical/Surgical Critical Care Unit 24 hours a day. You are valued members of your child's care team and are not considered visitors. We ask that you wear aparent ID badge, which you may obtain across the street from Boston Children's main hospital building at the Boston Children's parking office.

Siblings of any age are welcome. All siblings under the age of 12 need to check in at the information desk in the Main Lobby to be screened for illness and obtain a dinosaur sticker prior to entering the unit.

For all others, visiting hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. We recommend two visitors at a time at each bedside, and ask that all visitors be accompanied by a parent.

To ensure the privacy and security of all our patients, we ask that you stop at the MSICU front desk each time you visit. The secretary will check your parent ID badge and let your child's nurse know you are here.

Families and guests are welcome to use the Family Waiting Room. In this room you will find a television, telephones, a small refrigerator, and a microwave. There is a black phone located at each of the bed spaces for parents to use. Directions on how to call out and listen to your voicemail messages are located on the phones.

We encourage you to bring in stuffed animals, blankets, music boxes, or pictures for your child. Please label all personal property with your child's name to prevent items from being misplaced.


We are happy to provide you with information regarding your child's condition any time, 24 hours a day. In order to protect your child's privacy, we will only provide information to parents or designated family members. We ask that other family members and friends contact you or specified designee for information about your child.

Our goal is to keep you up-to-date on your child's condition. We encourage you to ask us questions at any time. You may find it helpful to keep a notebook to write down information you receive and keep a list of questions that come up. We are here to help you and your child and will try to answer all your questions honestly and to the best of our ability. Family meetings may be held as needed with your child's care team, and you are always welcome to request a meeting.

Lactation support

A lockable private room with a breast pump is available on the unit for breastfeeding mothers. Pump kits are available in the unit. Lactation consultants are also available to provide information and assistance with breastfeeding and/or pumping. Please ask your baby's nurse to call them for you as needed. The hospital provides meal trays for breastfeeding mothers that you may order through your baby's nurse.


The parent overnight suite is located on the fifth floor of the Pavilion/Farley building. The parent suite contains sleeping areas, shower, restrooms, and a kitchen area. To reserve one of these spaces, please sign up with the Hale Family Center for Families, located on the first floor of the Farley building.

Local lodging information is available at the information desk in the Main Lobby and in the Hale Family Center for Families. Several hotels in the area provide special rates for families of Boston Children's patients.

The Hospitality Homes provide comfortable, short-term accommodations in the homes of volunteer hosts who live in the local area.

Washers and dryers are available in the Farley Building on the first floor, and detergent is available in vending machines.


The hospital cafeteria is located on the ground/basement floor of the Farley Building. Au Bon Pain is located in the Main Lobby. A food court with a variety of dining options is located next door to Boston Children's in the Longwood Galleria.


Parents may have their parking tickets validated/discounted at the information desk located in the Main Lobby. More information on parking.

Places to take a break

The Hale Family Center for Families is located on the first floor of the Farley building and offers many resources for families in a welcoming, quiet atmosphere.

The Interfaith Chapel is located on the first floor of the Farley Building. It is open 24 hours a day and offers a peaceful and comforting place for quiet reflection or prayer.