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Our doctors have access to, and experience with, the entire spectrum of specialized tools to repair heart defects during a catheterization.

  • Angioplasty balloons are used to open narrowed blood vessels.
  • Cutting balloons and ultra-high pressure balloons are specialized angioplasty balloons
  • Stents can be placed to keep narrowed blood vessels open.
  • Covered stents can be used to restore the integrity of torn or weakened vessels
  • Valved stents can be implanted to replace a non-functioning valve
  • Stainless steel and platinum coils can be used to block blood flowing through a misdirected vessel or a shunt that is no longer needed.
  • Several types of closure devices can seal a hole between heart chambers or in the heart wall.

Your child’s treatment team will choose the best option for your child's particular situation.

Catheter-delivered devices

These devices used to seal an atrial septal defect -- which occurs in 5 to 10 percent of all children born with congenital heart disease -- can all be delivered to the heart via a catheter:



Amplatzer Device


Button Device



Angelwing Device

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