Window Safety Tips

Window Falls

Child supervision is key in preventing falls.  Children can fall from windows opened as little as 4 inches.  Window screens are not strong enough to prevent falls.  They’re designed to keep bugs out, not kids in.  Kids can easily penetrate window screens with little force and if they’re roughing and toughing it with horseplay, they could easily end out the window without protection.

  • Falling from windows can lead to broken backs, brain injuries, internal organ injuries, and death 
  • Children can fall from windows opened as little as 4 inches 
  • Window screens keep bugs out, but are not strong enough to carry the weight of someone 
  • Window falls are most common in the summer because families keep windows open in the nice weather 
  • All window guards have a safety release in case of fire so you can escape quickly. Teach your older children and adults how to operate the release.

Window Guards

What is this and how would you use it?  
- prevent children from falling out of windows when they lean on the screens to see outside
-Allows the window to only open up to 4 inches

Be sure children are always supervised, lock all unopened windows and doors, opening windows from the top down, keeping furniture away from windows, and install window guards.