Living Room Safety Tips

This is a room that is usually shared space between children and adults.  This makes it really important to remember to keep certain things in this room out of reach in order to keep your child safe

What are some things that can happen here? 
Heavy furniture
Sharp edges and corners 
Strangulation hazards 
Cushion tables, furniture edges, and corners 

Secure tall and heavy furniture to walls with furniture straps or brackets

Discourage climbing  by keeping toys within reach.  

Toy hazards:
Latex most dangerous (child sucks in instead of out) or chews piece of latex gets stuck, adults think it is candy & try hiemlich & waste valuable time, latex attaches to throat 
Other toy hazards- marbles, broken pieces – buy age appropriate toys, check part to be sure are secure  
Use - choking tube or toilet paper roll

Cushion tables, furniture edges, and corners

Remove or secure loose cords and electrical wires