Kitchen Safety Tips

Common Injuries:


The first room is the kitchen. The kitchen is often times the most used room in the house and there are a lot of dangers in there as well.
Burns, fires, poisoning, food contamination, and sharp objects are some of the ways a child can be injured in the kitchen. So how do you prevent these things?

Infants children and elderly individuals don’t have a thick fat layer and can suffer from 3rd degree burns in less than 1 second
prevent burns and scalds by making sure pot handles are turned to the back of the stove, cooking on rear burners, and by teaching kids that pots and pans aren’t toys.

Scalds account for 46% of all burns in MA (2012). Children under 5 made up 53% of the victims in MA due to scalds (2012)

prevent fires by making sure fire alarms are properly installed in the necessary rooms—this is a recurring theme so I’ll just go ahead and stress it now that it’s important to have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your house and to make sure the batteries are working!!