Bedroom Safety Tips

What are some strangulation hazards in a bedroom?

  • These range from hanging crib toys—make sure they’re out of reach of a child or remove them before they can stand, the cords that open window blinds—snip it if it’s a loop, and the bed rails of an older child—make sure there isn’t a large gap that can fit a body and not the head
  • Vacuum carpets frequently to remove allergens that trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.
  • Keep crib and changing table away from windows

Safe Sleep

  • Check the crib for spaces and gaps--No gaps larger than 2 fingers between sides of the crib and mattress
    Slats should be 2 -3/8 inches or less apart – check for lose or missing slats 
  • Smaller lung capacity = suffocate quicker
  • Use a safe crib with a firm, tight-fitting mattress covered with a crib sheet and nothing else in it
  • Suffocation hazards include fluffy items, toys, bumpers, and comforters.  Remove all stuffed animals, bumper pads, hanging mobiles, toys, pillows, extra sheets and blankets from the crib