Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmia Program | Our Innovative Treatment Approach

The Family Arrhythmia Clinic uses a team approach to provide carefully coordinated multi-specialty care. Patients with inherited arrhythmia are a unique challenge to a wide range of physicians working across different fields of medicine. Thus, the doctors, nurses and caregivers in the Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmia Program at Boston Children’s Hospital interact numerous, different specialties to ensure optimal patient care in a various situations.

Specifically, this multidisciplinary approach provides:

  • close partnership with primary care physicians, pediatricians, cardiologists and medical examiners, including written (web-based) and verbal advice
  • close collaboration with cardiac pathologists with expertise in sudden cardiac death at Boston Children’s and Brigham and Women’s Hospital to review of cardiac specimens and possibly prevent a cardiac arrhythmic event
  • partnering with specialist adult and pediatric neurologists to ensure optimal diagnostic and management strategies to prevent misdiagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia events
  • detailed interaction with sub-specialists within cardiac medicine, relevant to specific investigations and management strategies, such as cardiac imaging and invasive electrophysiology/devices
  • initiating and leading a coordinated approach to hospital care at times of increased need

Also, our program will have strong collaborative links with Boston Children’s Sudden Unexplained Death in Pediatrics Program, which is a new initiative that aims to investigate the causes of sudden death in children from cardiac, neurological, metabolic or genetic conditions.