Hand and Orthopedic Upper Extremity Program | Patient Stories

Making a difference for kids with limb differences
Aiden is a feisty 5-year-old who doesn't let his limb difference slow him down. He can peel a banana faster than his younger brother, and has wiggled his way out of more than one cast. Read his story and meet his traveling companion.

Houston girl with cleft hand plays piano
Although Jessica was born with a cleft hand, she has mastered the piano and more. When they moved to Houston after she turned two, it only took a year before the family decided they return to Boston, where Jessica was born, for care. Read about how her family’s strength has become Jessica’s strength as well.

Never say never: Gymnast with brachial plexus soars
Julia suffered a brachial plexus injury during birth, but that hasn’t stopped her. Despite being held back by her condition when she was young, surgery and a steady commitment to physical therapy would propel Julia to achieving her athletic dreams. In her dedication to improving her condition, Julia is a shining example of what can be accomplished when you believe there are no limits.

Wounded warriors show life without limits
Summer camp was not on 10-year-old Jen’s wish list. She never dreamed that going to Wounded Warrior Softball Kids Camp would change her life completely. After living in a world where she felt alone in her condition, Jen was finally able to see that her life is not so different from many other children and adults. 

Five things about living with Erb’s Palsy you probably won’t find on Google
Sixteen-year-old Kailyn Looby, who has a brachial plexus injury, refuses to let the injury slow her down. Her experience living with this condition has led her to a better understanding of how to grow and improve in many areas of her life, no matter the limitations. The active teenager shares some wise words to help other children with the condition thrive.

Brachial plexus surgery helps tot give first hug
When Michelle’s parents first found out she had suffered a brachial plexus injury during birth, they were as scared and nervous as any parent would be. Unable to use her right arm and not experiencing any improvement, the family packed up and headed from Connecticut to Boston. Read about Michelle’s surgery and how her recovery has improved her life.

Johanna’s story: Brachial plexus can’t keep her down
After being told her daughter would always be disabled by the brachial plexus injury she suffered during birth, Johanna’s mom immediately searched for a second opinion. Learn how the family’s trip from Connecticut to Boston helped improve Johanna’s prospects for the future.