Esophageal and Airway Treatment Center | For Referring Physicians

The Esophageal and Airway Treatment (EAT) Center at Boston Children’s Hospital is here to help you provide your patients with specialty care, including the surgical expertise of world-renowned surgeons.

Our approach to care is a team effort among specialists committed to making a difference for every child. We will continue to collaborate with you and other providers in the ongoing treatment of your patient.

We are also proud to be the only hospital to offer the Foker process to treat esophageal atresia. To date, all of the patients treated with this method as an initial treatment are able to eat and swallow like other children. Learn more about how the Foker process works.

Refer a Patient to the EAT Program at Boston Children’s Hospital

Our goal is to make your referrals to us as convenient as possible for both you and your patient. Our Referral Center will connect you with experienced representatives who can assist you.

For referrals, please call 617-355-3038.