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Stopping seizures with laser therapy - Justin's Story

13-year-old Justin Griffin was suffering from weekly epileptic seizures due to an area of abnormal tissue in his brain. His seizures were not able to be controlled by taking medication and his family was looking for other options. Using recent advances in imaging technology, doctors were able to insert a laser into Justin's brain through a tiny hole in his skull and destroy the area that was causing his seizures.

Ketogenic diet turns around a boy’s severe epilepsy

Sammy’s severe form of generalized epilepsy is known to be medication resistant, but with the help of the Ann Bergin, MB, ScM, MRCP (UK), director of Boston Children’s Ketogenic diet program, he found a therapy that worked and was named Winning Kid for 2015 by the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeast New York.

Our patients’ stories: Taking back the night in epilepsy

Boston Children’s epilepsy doctors found that nighttime EEG spikes, by themselves, can lead to lost milestones, even in children without known epilepsy. In Ian’s case, this knowledge led to nighttime treatment, combined with Ian’s usual epilepsy medications during the day, got rid of the spikes almost completely.

One son's story: Getting to know my father thanks to advances in epilepsy medication

When I think of my father’s epilepsy, I always go back to a seizure he had during one of my Boy Scout camping trips. It wasn’t the first time I saw my dad have an epileptic seizure, but it was the first time I was the only member of our family around to deal with it.

In August 2012, Boston Children's and the Boston Globe hosted a live tweet chat on epilepsy.

Spreading a message of hope, one bag at a time

Emi Burke, whose son, Conor, is treated at Boston Children’s for developmental delays and epilepsy, who was inspired to help pediatric patients all over the country.