Epilepsy Center | Clinical Trials

The following clinical research trials are now enrolling patients:

Benign rolandic epilepsyAnchor

This study, led by Katrina Boyer, MD, and Masanori Takeoka, MD, is recruiting children with BRE, age 6-11, to investigate whether interictal epileptiform discharges are associated with cognitive and behavioral deficits. To be eligible, patients should have fewer than 15 seizures in the prior month, have no psychiatric or brain disorders affecting cognition or behavior, and should be taking no more than two anticonvulsants.

Children will undergo EEG studies and a neuropsychological screening. For more information contact katrina.boyer@childrens.harvard.edu or masanori.takeoka@childrens.harvard.edu.

Ohtahara syndromeAnchor

Ohtahara syndrome is an epileptic encephalopathy with onset in the newborn period, characterized bytonic spasms, partial seizures, and burst suppression on the EEG. As part of a larger study on the Genetics of Epilepsy and Related Neurological Disorders, we are enrolling children with Ohtahara syndrome and their immediate family members to investigate genetic causes.

Families can provide blood samples without traveling to Boston Children’s Hospital. For more information contact EpilepsyGenetics@Childrens.Harvard.edu.