The Comfort Ability | Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a hard time making it through the school day. Will they be able to last all day at The Comfort Ability?'
We understand that our patients have a lot of pain. Our goal is for everyone to be as comfortable as possible during the day. In addition to soft armchairs, we provide yoga mats to stretch out on, blankets and adjustable floor recliners. We can easily accommodate wheelchairs or other assistive devices. We also take frequent breaks in the day so everyone has a chance to move around, stretch or eat a snack. We encourage kids to take additional breaks as needed. With these accommodations in place, most kids and teens make it through the day without difficulty.

Will you serve food?
Breakfast and lunch are not included, but light snacks and water will be provided. All of our snacks are nut-free. We try to provide snacks that will work for those with food allergies, dietary restrictions and food preferences. However, if you are on a special diet or prefer to bring your own snack, we encourage you do so. We ask that all snacks that you bring be nut-free. Families will have a lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. You are welcome to bring your own lunch or visit one of the restaurants in the Longwood Medical Area.

Can my other children attend?
This workshop is specifically developed for children and teens between the ages of 10 and 17 who experience chronic pain. We are not able to accommodate siblings.

Can other relatives or friends attend?
The Comfort Ability tuition covers the cost of two adults and one child. We highly recommend having two parents or caregivers attend, when possible.

Can my child bring an emotional support pet?
At this time, we do not allow emotional support pets at our program.

Where can I park?
Please park in the Boston Children's Hospital Patient Family Parking Garage located at 2 Blackfan Circle. This is the only garage in the Longwood Medical Area that we can validate for at this time.

What if I register but can't come?
There is a $60 cancellation fee for families who cancel within 48 hours of the program. This fee can be applied to a future Comfort Ability program.

I have a question about the workshop and/or my registration and I can't find the answer online, who should I contact?
Please contact our coordinators, Maureen Burns and Taylor Turrisi, at or 617-355-8297.