Colorectal and Pelvic Malformation Center | Patient Stories

Carter, Colorectal Center patientFinally heard: How finding a doctor who listened helped change Carter's life
Nearly two years after surgery to address an anorectal malformation, Carter is eating by mouth more — in fact, he’s gained nearly 20 pounds. He even enjoyed his first sleepover party last year because he was finally comfortable. “It’s just amazing,” says his mom. “We’re really glad we made this choice for his care.”


Steven York Colorectal Center patient

Treatment for anorectal malformation gives Steven freedom and confidence
Like many kids with anorectal malformations, Steven’s path hasn’t been an easy one — but an additional diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s disease helped explain many of his challenges. Today, he’s making progress that his family couldn’t have imagined just a year ago.


Aubree OEIS, Colorectal PatientAnswers for Aubree: Finding support for OEIS
Aubree was born with a rare and complex condition called cloacal exstrophy, or OEIS syndrome, in which many of the internal abdominal structures and organs are exposed outside the body. “When you hear how rare this condition is, you expect to feel really alone,” says her mom. “But we don’t feel that way at all. The support we’ve received at Boston Children’s has been phenomenal.”


Colorectal Center patient, Peyton'Finally in the right place': Peyton's journey to Boston
“Our daughter was finally in the right place after months of research, countless phone calls and emails and an empty feeling that we were getting nowhere,” says Peyton’s mom. “The uneasy concern of who could help our daughter was taken away almost immediately when we met with Dr. Dickie.” Learn more about Peyton’s care for an anorectal malformation.


Colorectal patient, BrysonBryson's story: Getting support for an anorectal malformation
It came as a shock when, after a healthy pregnancy and delivery, Bryson was almost immediately transported to his local neonatal intensive care unit. As his mom rode there in another ambulance, she turned to her cell phone. “I didn’t even know the medical name for his condition at the time,” she remembers. When she learned he had an anorectal malformation, she pushed to get him to Boston.


Faysal Colorectal PatientFocused on Faysal: From Saudi Arabia to Boston for reconnection surgery
In 2016, Faysal was visiting Massachusetts from Saudi Arabia when he got sick. What started as a stomachache soon worsened until the 12-year-old collapsed with severe abdominal pain. He and his father spent much of the next year away from home, seeking answers. 


Reagan Colorectal PatientBouncing back from a colorectal malformation: Reagan's Story
It's been challenging for Reagan's parents to explain to family and friends what a perineal fistula is and what treatment of this sensitive issue involves. "It's a really weird surgery to have to explain," her mom admits. "We initially weren't going to tell a lot of people." Then they found inspiration and hope from a surprising source. 


Savanna colorectal patientCarrying Savanna through her journey with cloacal malformation
Savanna is a rambunctious toddler who loves to ride around in her princess car, go to the beach and attend toddler tumbling class. What you don't know is she was born with a covered cloacal malformation. Learn how Dr. Belinda Dickie and the colorectal team got Savanna back on track towards a bright future.