Craniofacial Program | Research and Innovation

Boston Children's Hospital's research program is the most prolific of any pediatric hospital in the world. In particular, the physicians and research partners in our Craniofacial Program are committed to:

  • Shaping widespread understanding of abnormalities of the head and facial bones
  • Improving the diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial conditions in children
  • Understanding how and why craniofacial conditions occur and what role genetics play in the development of certain abnormalities
  • Helping children with conditions of the head and face lead healthy and fulfilling lives

Some of our current research projects include:

  • Evaluating facial growth in various craniofacial conditions in children
  • Determining the molecular causes of craniofacial and vascular anomalies in children
  • Improvement of long-term outcomes for children suffering from head trauma

Meet the Craniofacial Research Team at Boston Children’s Hospital

Our team of Craniofacial physicians also members of Harvard Medical School’s faculty. They conduct ongoing research in Boston Children’s laboratories, while collaborating with scientists at Boston's universities and colleges, other biomedical facilities and fellow leading medical centers. 

Some of our experts and their current research projects include: 

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Find a Clinical Trial at Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s conducts hundreds of clinical trials related to a wide range of pediatric conditions at any given time. While children must meet strict criteria in order to be eligible for a clinical trial, your child may be eligible to take part in a study. Before considering this option, you should be sure to:

  • Consult with your child’s treating physician and treatment team
  • Gather as much information as possible about the specific course of action outlined in the trial
  • Do your own research about the latest breakthroughs relating to your child’s condition

If your physician recommends that your child participate in a clinical trial, you can feel confident that the plan detailed for that study represents the best and most innovative care. Taking part in a clinical trial at Boston Children’s is entirely voluntary. Our team will be sure to fully address any questions you may have, and you may remove your child from the medical study at any time.

To find a Boston Children’s Hospital clinical trial, visit and search for “Boston Children’s Hospital” and your child’s condition.

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