Childrens Hospital Primary Care Center (CHPCC) | Helpful links

Here are some links to resources that can help you keep your family happy and healthy:

KidsMD: Health and parenting information from the experts at Boston Children's Hospital.

Healthy Family Fun: a great website created in partnership with Kohl's full of ideas about ways to live healthfully, including delicious recipes and information about free or low-cost exercise opportunities in your community.

Our own Linda Haynes, NP made a terrific video for that has lots of great information about asthma. It's part of the Arthur Family Health page. a terrific blog about asthma from Dr. Ann Wu, an asthma researcher, doctor and mom, with guest blogs from other clinicians and researchers as well as parents. health and parenting information from the American Academy of Pediatrics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: this website has a wealth of information about health (including mental health), diseases and safety. Here are some particularly useful parts of the website:

  • Vaccine information: everything you could possibly want to know about vaccines (including schedules) and the diseases they prevent.
  • Traveler's Health: look up the country you plan to travel to, and find out what vaccines you need and what else you should do to make your trip safe and healthy.

La Leche League: this international breastfeeding organization has everything you might need or want to know about breastfeeding, as well as links to breastfeeding support groups in your area.

MD Mama, a blog on about health and parenting by CHPCC's Dr. Claire McCarthy

For links to websites that can assist with food, housing, counseling, domestic violence and other mental health and family support issues, visit our Supporting Families page.