Celiac Disease Program | Videos

Boston Children's Hospital will teach you and your family about a healthful celiac lifestyle. Education is key in making parents feel more at ease and allow children with celiac disease to live happy and productive lives.

Each of our video segments provides practical information about celiac disease from real-life families, as well as health professionals. 


I. Introduction: Experiencing Celiac Disease

II. What is Celiac Disease?: Diagnosis and treatment

III. Diet InformationHow to start and maintain a gluten free diet.

IV. A Gluten Free HomeHow to keep your kitchen organized and safe.

V. ShoppingHow to shop for gluten free food.

VI. CookingHow to cook and bake gluten free foods.


VII. SchoolHow to prepare your child with celiac disease for school.

VIII. Dining OutHow to order and eat out at restaurants.

IX. Away From HomeHow to plan for activities and travel.

X. Emotional Adjustments: How to adjust and cope.

XI. Support GroupResources and support for families.

XII. Kids Speak: What kids with celiac disease have to say about life with the condition.