Center for Advanced Intestinal Rehabilitation | Patient Stories

Gabby short bowel syndrome patientDoing everything possible for Gabby: A team approach to short bowel syndrome
Born prematurely, Gabby developed NEC, which resulted in him losing 80% of his intestines and developing short bowel syndrome. Now 3, Gabby loves spicy food, music, and art. “We’re grateful for every milestone with short bowel syndrome,” says his mom.


Ava CAIR patientLeading the way: Ava's experience with teduglutide
For the past two years, Ava has been participating in a clinical trial of a drug that has had life-changing effects on her health. Thanks to the experiences of Ava and other children, that drug, teduglutide (Gattex), was recently approved by the FDA for use in eligible kids with short bowel syndrome.

Hannah CAIR PatientWorth the fight: Finding care for short bowel syndrome
The view of Hannah's future changed as her parents began researching their daughter’s diagnosis of short bowel syndrome — until they learned about CAIR.


Christian short bowel syndrome patientLiving his best life: Caring for Christian
Two-year-old Christian spent nearly five months in his local NICU with short bowel syndrome. Now he's living his best life. 


Dorothy CAIR Patient'Not to be stopped': Dorothy's Story
Dorothy has had a resilient, determined attitude since she was diagnosed with jejunal atresia as a newborn.


Jacob CAIR Patient

Persevering after the unimaginable: Jacob's journey with short bowel syndrome
Since 2013, Jacob and his parents have returned to Boston Children's every few months for care of his short bowel syndrome.


Ellie CAIR PatientCare for short bowel syndrome helps Ellie enjoy being a kid
Ellie and her family have been coming to Boston Children's since physicians realized that she was born with just 10% of her small intestine and 20% of her large intestine.


Isaac CAIR Patient

Isaac's story: A 'new normal' with short bowel syndrome
Today, Isaac has had both his G-tube and central line removed and makes his own food choices. "He eats more than I do," laughs his mom.


Michael CAIR Patient

Whatever it takes: Fighting for Michael
Inspired by their son Michael's fighting spirit, his parents determined to learn everything they could about his condition and how to care for it.


Reena CAIR Patient

Reena's story: A bright future with short bowel syndrome
Reena's accomplishments are all the more remarkable considering that she was born with a serious gastrointestinal condition.


The Martis CAIR Patients

Fighting for the next family: Mom's experience inspires nutrition support guidelines
Inspired by her twins, both of whom have short bowel syndrome, Michelle helped pen nutrition support guidelines for schools.


Brayden and Camden CAIR Patients

Making connections: Bonded by short bowel syndrome
Despite living hundreds of miles apart, Brayden and Camden have a close friendship. They might never have met if not for one life-threatening event: volvulus.


Allie CAIR Patient

'An easy decision': Finding care for short bowel syndrome
Today, Allie is thriving. Although she's still reliant on her g-tube, she's as active as any other 3-year-old, nonchalantly toting her feeding equipment in a tiny backpack.


Ethan CAIR Patient

Miles to go: From Mississippi to Boston for life-saving care
Ethan's parents knew before he was born that he would face health challenges. It still felt like a shock when, just after birth, he was rushed into surgery for an intestinal blockage.


Konrad CAIR Patient

Worth every mile: Short bowel syndrome brings family to Boston
Although Konrad's physicians recommended an intestinal transplant to address his short bowel syndrome, his parents believed there had to be a less extreme approach.