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Boston Crisis Resource Guide

School professionals and caregivers are often on the frontlines in supporting children and adolescents following a traumatic event. While there are numerous resources to assist adults in having conversations about challenging topics with youth, the volume of information can leave readers overwhelmed and unsure as to which resources will be the most useful given the nature of the event. 

The Boston Crisis Resource Guide was developed to help school communities and families access high-quality crisis resources to support youth following a tragedy or disaster. Included in this guide are resources on talking with youth about natural and man-made disasters, supporting youth following a death, and understanding trauma. In some of the resources, readers can find tips and strategies, checklists, letter templates, and information in other languages. 

Readers are encouraged to explore all resources in this guide, even those that are intended for a different audience, to find what will be most useful to them during a crisis. BCHNP wishes to acknowledge Fidelity Charitable and the employees of Fidelity Investments whose contributions to the Patriot's Day Fund allowed for the development of this resource guide.