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TAP Online

Who Is the TAP Online Training Program Reaching?:


School professionals who have registered for the TAP online trainingss

Over 350

School professionals who have completed the TAP online trainings

What Are School Professionals Gaining From the TAP Online Training Program?:

Figure: Figure 17

As seen here, there was a 32% overall gain in participants’ self-reported knowledge and skills relevant to social, emotional, and behavioral health after completing the online training program.

What Do School Professionals Say is Helpful About the TAP Online Training Program?:


Of school professionals agree that TAP Online contributed to their knowledge of strategies to implement in their work with students


Of school professionals agree that they are going to do at least one thing different in their work at their school as a result of TAP Online


Of school professionals agree that they would recommend TAP Online to a colleague

School professionals say…

“What I like most about the online training was it was broken down into sections, the videos were to the point, key points were highlighted in script, and teachers were interviewed and gave their ideas and perspective.”

“The online training has given me the tools and strategies that I can implement within my classroom for positive behavior supports, replacement behaviors, strategies to strengthen relationships, and how to nurture a student's self-esteem so that all my students feel confident, accepted and respected. I know that I will revisit this online training and the topics covered many times in the course of this year. The knowledge that I have gained in this online training will be brought to the forefront of the team that I am on at my school.”

“This training gave me many different ways I can work with the different behaviors in my classroom. So quickly we punish behaviors by taking things away or calling home. This was an eye opener for me to see other ways that will help the student and I work better together so we can all learn.“

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