Boston Children's Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships

Prevention and Promotion

The Prevention and Promotion level includes services for full communities of students. Clinicians provide and support classroom interventions, community events, and school-wide initiatives that teach social-emotional skills, promote healthy social-emotional development, foster a positive school climate, and build a strong school community.

Classroom Interventions:

Classroom interventions are a form of direct service delivery involving the promotion of students’ social emotional learning through didactic presentations, collaborative learning activities, and discussions facilitated with a classroom of students and often several classrooms across a grade or grades.


How Many Classroom Interventions Are BCHNP Clinicians Facilitating?


Classroom Interventions


Average sessions per classroom intervention



What Skills Are Students Building Through BCHNP Classroom Interventions?


33% of classroom interventions utilized the Break Free From Depression curriculum.

To learn more about Break Free From Depression's reach and outcomes, click here.

To learn more about BCHNP’s approach to developing curricula for the remaining 61% of classroom interventions, click here.

What Do Students and Teachers Say Is Helpful About Classroom Interventions?



of students agree that BCHNP classroom interventions contributed to students’ understanding of the topics


of teachers agree that BCHNP classroom interventions contributed to students’ understanding of the topics



of teachers agree that the BCHNP clinician facilitating the classroom intervention helped them understand how to talk to and/or support students around the topic



of students agree that they would want to be in a class like this again



Students Say…

“I think that the class taught me a lot and made me feel very calm. For an example, I was stressed out, but I remembered the stuff I got taught and it really helped me calm down and take a deep breath!”

“This class helped me realize where I could go if I ever needed help.”

“This class was a good way to talk about topics that aren't normally addressed.”

Teachers Say…

“Students got a chance to share thoughts and feelings.”

“The BCHNP clinician was always calm and consistent.”

“The main strengths were the connection with students and relevant connections to classroom and personal life.”

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