Boston Children's Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships

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We are pleased to share the Annual Report of the Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships Program (BCHNP) for the 2018-2019 school year. Last school year, BCHNP partnered with 17 schools, providing behavioral health services to over 1,300 students, as well as providing over 50 professional development workshops and over 1,400 hours of training and consultation to Boston school staff. The Clough Foundation Training and Access Project (TAP) has worked with 25 schools to date, and TAP Online, our free training series for educators, now presents 5 online workshops. 

We would like to thank the many partners and supporters of our program, specifically the youth and families that we connect with in schools. We thank our BCHNP team who is dedicated and committed to working in collaborative partnerships with the community. We are grateful for the support of Boston Children’s Hospital. Lastly, we thank the philanthropic donors and foundations for supporting and sustaining our work and allowing us to provide supports targeted to the needs of Boston youth and their families when and where they need them the most. We would not be able to do this work without your generous support.

With gratitude,

Shella Dennery, PhD, LICSW David R. DeMaso, MD
Director, BCHNP  Psychiatrist-in-Chief

This report was prepared by members of the BCHNP Evaluation Team (Shella Dennery, PhD, LICSW, Amy Kaye, PhD, Vanja Pejic, PhD, Vincent Donofrio, BS, Rachel Takes, BS, Marianne Clinton, PhD, and Dayna McCabe, BFA) with consultation from Heather J. Walter, MD, MPH. A special thank you to Dominic Malfara, BS, Martin Finch, BS and Priscila Paulino, MS for helping with the development of our online report. We would like to thank Boston Latin School for their participation in photos and videos featured in this report.


BCHNP is grateful for our partnerships and collaborations in the community and at Boston Children’s Hospital. We wish to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their contributions and support:

At Boston Children’s Hospital, we thank Sandra Fenwick, CEO, and Kevin Churchwell, MD, President and COO, for their steadfast support. Shari Nethersole, MD, John Riordan, MCRP, and the Office of Community Health have been instrumental in supporting our efforts in the Boston community. We wish to thank Wendy Warring, JD, and the Network Development and Strategic Partnerships team for their support. The efforts of Lynn Susman, and her staff at the Boston Children’s Hospital Trust have been critically important to sustaining BCHNP. We thank Joshua Greenberg, Esq. , Vice President of Government Relations, and his staff in our joint efforts to impact child behavioral health care in the Commonwealth and across the nation. We are grateful to the Marketing and Communications Department for their support. Additionally, we give special thanks to the Boston Children’s Hospital Board Committee for Community Service and the Community Advisory Board for their dedication and investment in the health and wellness of our community.

A special thank you goes to the foundations and philanthropic donors of BCHNP. We would not exist if not for your generous support and contributions to this important work.

  • Aetna Foundation
  • Bronner Charitable Foundation
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • F. Adams Charitable Trust
  • Digital Federal Credit Union
  • Gloria L. and Charles I. Clough Foundation
  • Joseph and Louise Crane Foundation
  • Fidelity Charitable Patriots Day Project
  • George Harrington Trust
  • Jane’s Trust
  • P. Morgan
  • Karp Family Foundation
  • Kidvestment
  • Liberty Mutual Foundation
  • Manton Foundation
  • Marion Boynton Trust
  • Newman’s Own
  • James and Kimberly Pallotta
  • Peter Riehl and Allison Horne
  • Rockland Trust - People's Federal Foundation
  • Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation
  • Tudor Foundation
  • Robin and Marc Wolpow

We thank the Boston Public Schools for their support and ongoing partnership. We extend our gratitude to the leaders, teachers, and staff in our partner schools. Lastly, we thank the BCHNP clinicians and staff who are dedicated to supporting Boston schools to help build the capacity to address the social, emotional and behavioral health of students and families in the city of Boston.

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