Research and Innovation

The Audiology Program at Boston Children's Hospital conducts research to help understand the hearing loss associated with various conditions in children.

The Audiology Program has presented research at professional conferences and published articles on topics including:

  • The hearing loss associated with chemotherapy and radiation for childhood cancer;
  • The hearing loss seen in children who have undergone certain treatment protocols such as Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO);
  • The hearing loss seen in conjunction with congenital abnormalities such as CHARGE Association.

The program works closely with Otolaryngology in its research projects regarding the etiology and genetic basis of hearing loss, and the care of children with otitis media (ear infections).

The program is also conducting research on diagnostic audiological findings and progress of children referred from newborn hearing screening programs and children who have auditory dys-synchrony (auditory neuropathy).

AudioHub application 

Bringing hearing tests into the 21st Century! Read more about the application that was built under the direction of Derek Stiles, PhD.