ACL Program | Injury Prevention

Boston Children’s Sports Medicine is a pioneer in developing research-based protocols focused on ACL injury prevention and safe return to play for athletes after an ACL tear.

Boston Children’s Sports Medicine Division opened The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention in 2013 at its Waltham location. 

The MicheliThe Sports Medicine Division ACL Program Center offers an ACL Injury Prevention Program, which is a small-group class focusing on strengthening the knees, hips and surrounding muscles. Injury prevention specialists teach proper landing and squatting techniques—two motions that frequently cause ACL tears when performed incorrectly.

In the unfortunate event that an athlete suffers an ACL injury, The Micheli Center offers a Return to Play ACL Program. After surgery and all required physical therapy is completed (typically six to 12 months after the injury),  injury prevention specialists work with athletes to return to sports safely and confidently. This program, offered as one-on-one training or as small group classes, helps build the strength, flexibility and agility needed to get back on the field.

The Micheli Center's flagship service is a comprehensive injury prevention evaluation and prescription. During this three-hour evaluation, a sports medicine physician assesses the athlete’s strength, range of motion, endurance and flexibility and reviews the athlete's medical history and training habits to determine athlete- and sport-specific risk factors for injury, including ACL injury. Each athlete receives a prescription and instruction in key exercises to help prevent injury in sports training and competition.

ACL Injury Prevention Downloadable Guides

Sports medicine physicians and injury prevention specialists at The Micheli Center are also conducting research to identify unknown risk factors for ACL injuries and how to counter those factors with preventive measures.

Our experts have created educational guides to help athletes prevent injury and perform safely. Download these handy guides.