Adolescent Breast Center | Patient Voices

Many of the patients who come to the Adolescent Breast Center at Boston Children's Hospital have struggled for years with physical discomfort or pain, low self-esteem, and a feeling that their bodies are abnormal or flawed. We recognize that breast conditions can impact every facet of a young person's life, and our personalized care is designed to restore self-confidence and improve overall quality of life. We've asked our patients to share their stories here, to show how transformative treatment can be and to reassure adolescents and teens who are experiencing breast problems that they're not alone.

'I kept hoping the problem would fix itself'
High school can be hard enough on a girl's self esteem. But for Kate, typical rites of passage — like shopping for a prom dress — were impossible. Kate suffered from severely asymmetrical, or lopsided, breasts. As she moved through puberty, her right breast grew beyond a D cup size, while her left breast never developed more than an A/B cup.

'It was obviously a health issue'
For her 18th birthday, Mackenzie Langan underwent a double breast reduction surgery to take her G-cup chest down to a C size. Now, you "can't take the smile off her face," says Mackenzie's mother, Cindy Crawford, who shares the parent perspective on coping with macromastia and getting treatment at Boston Children's.