Office of Clinician Support

The Office of Clinician Support (OCS) is designed to provide a safe, alternative communication channel for anyone who does clinical work with patients. The OCS is for all hospital clinicians and trainees.  The program assists clinicians with any problem they may be having, whether it be work-related or personal.  Boston Children's Hospital established this program because it recognized the need for a safe, confidential environment where hospital clinicians can seek advice about work experiences or personal situations.

The OCS provides clinicians with guidance on how to resolve work-life issues and a forum to openly voice concerns. The OCS is staffed by mental health clinicians familiar with working in the hospital environment.  The OCS is available seven days a week.

Office of Clinician Support

Office of Graduate Medical Education

The Office of Graduate Medical Education works with the hospital's faculty to shape, inspire and accelerate educational activities that will improve the educational outcomes of every resident. The hospital sets the standard for innovative approaches to pediatric training that will be worthy of commendation by the ACGME and serve as a model for other institutions.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education serves as a resource for all residents and fellows. The GME website contains useful information on duty hours, salary and benefits, lease guaranty program, GME policy manual, Harvard Macy Courses for residents/clinical fellows, Feloow/Resident Forum, and discounts for house staff

Office of Graduate Medical Education Website


The Pediatric Surgery fellows share an office located within the Department of Surgery.  Each fellow has a computer, and there is a printer and phones in the office. 


Call room – the pediatric surgery fellows share a call room that is located by the inpatient unit.  There is a show in the call room suite area.