Sports Medicine Division | Research & Innovation

Within Boston Children’s Hospital’s Division of Sports Medicine, research examines many aspects of sports-related orthopedic injuries.

It focuses on causes of sports injuries, the proper techniques for treatment and rehabilitation and the physiology of exercise and conditioning. This work then informs the care we deliver to our patients.

Since we treat athletes of all ages, adults may also participate in the studies. 

Ongoing research activities include the study of:

  • Knee injuries
  • Running injuries
  • Injuries to pre-adolescent children
  • Psychological impact of sports and sports injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Concussions
  • Dance Injuries

Current research studies 

  • Evaluating outcomes in the fixation of chondral fragments in the skeletally immature knee
  • Unstable S.L.A.P. lesions. 
  • Irish step dance injuries
  • Incidence of catastrophic brain injury in athletes with a known Chiari malformation
  • Evaluating a runner’s natural running form
  • Clinical trial studying the use of transcranial light-emitting diodes (LED) therapy for the treatment of chronic mild traumatic brain injury
  • Study of osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the talus
  • OCD of the patella and trochlea 
  • OCD of the elbow
  • The effects of plica excision on patients with anterior knee pain
  • Concussion management techniques
  • Efficacy of ultrasounds as a diagnostic tool for posterior ankle impingement
  • Tibial spine fractures
  • Effectiveness of Brain Network Activation technology in the management of sports-related concussions

Research affiliated studies

  • Evaluation of dance injuries at the Walnut Hill Summer Intensive Dance Program
  • Annual post-hire health screen for professional dancers with the Boston Ballet
  • Study of the virtual biopsy of sports-related head injury in children with Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Study of impact forces to the head and their effects on youth ice hockey players with Bauer-University of Pittsburgh
  • Study of concussions in high school ice hockey: disparities related to age, size and physical maturity with Rhode Island Hospital

Research publications by doctor

Ackerman, Kathryn, MD, MPH

Bae, Donald, MD

Corrado, Gianmichel, MD

d'Hemecourt, Pierre, MD

Heyworth, Benton, MD

Kocher, Mininder, MD, MPH

Kramer, Dennis, MD

Meehan, William, MD

Micheli, Lyle, MD

Murray, Martha, MD

Stein, Cynthia, MD, MPH

Stracciolini, Andrea, MD

Yen, Yi-Meng, MD, PhD