Sports Medicine Division | FAQ's

Some appointments require more preparation on your part than others. Learn more about your upcoming appointment, based on what your doctor has prescribed for you.

What if my doctor requests a radiology exam prior to my appointment?


Expect an MRI exam within five to seven days of your visit with the doctor, unless otherwise indicated. After you schedule the MRI appointment please contact our office for an MRI follow-up appointment. This appointment must be at least two full business days after the MRI exam, unless otherwise specified by your doctor. The appointment line number is 617-355-3501, or you may email us at

Remember to bring the MRI films or a CD with your MRI on it with you to the MRI follow up appointment, and be sure to take an MRI brochure upon leaving our office.

Bone scan:

A bone scan and follow-up appointment take most of a day to complete. The office will try to schedule both on the same day. Our staff will inform you of your bone scan appointment date and time.

CT scan or CAT scan:

CT scans are normally before you go into your doctor’s appointment. The scan typically takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete. Our staff will inform you of the date and time of your CT scan appointment and your follow-up appointment with the doctor.

Where do I go if my doctor has recommended a brace?

The physician will instruct you where to obtain the brace. Make an appointment for a brace check after you learn when the brace will be ready.

For info about the brace itself visit these informative web sites: (NOPCO)