Department of Dentistry | Facilities


The Department of Dentistry at Boston Children's Hospital is located on the fourth floor of the Hunnewell Building.

Treatment areas

Our modern facility, which includes 10 treatment areas, is designed to accommodate our patients' needs in all specialties of dentistry.


In addition to standard dental radiology capabilities, our department utilizes a computerized panoramic, cephalometric and tomographic dental radiology machine. Craniofacial growth prediction, planning for skeletal and facial surgery, and orthodontic treatment can all be accomplished with the department's computer video imaging, scanning and digitizing equipment.

Sedation suite

The department has a dedicated suite that is designed specifically for dental and oral and maxillofacial services with the assistance of conscious or IV sedation.

Dental laboratory

Also located within the department is the Dental Laboratory. In close proximity, our full-time laboratory technician provides immediate adjustments to various dental appliances for better comfort and fit, timely fabrication of appliances for the operating room, and customization and design of new appliances to help patients with unique problems.

Prevention suite

Prevention is important for all areas of medicine, and dentistry is no exception. Stressing the need to prevent decay and periodontal disease, the department utilizes a prevention suite which has toothbrushing and flossing instruction areas. Also used are videotapes which show you how to take care of your teeth.