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The Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine is committed to investing in and creating learning opportunities that promote clinical excellence and effective, compassionate and safe patient care. To that end, the department supports educational activities for physicians, CRNAs and other health care team members that: clinician picture

  • Promote the interchange of ideas and information
  • Foster a culture of transparency and patient safety
  • Optimize clinical education
  • Improve clinical decision making
  • Engage all stakeholders in the strategies to optimize patient care

The department offers learning and mentoring opportunities both within the department and in collaboration with other departments. Furthermore, the department collaborates with Harvard Medical School's Department of Continuing Education to offer various nationally and internationally renowned conferences and educational programs aimed at increasing attendees’ knowledge, skills and professional performance. For more information about our CME conferences, please click here.

Department Conferences and Lectures

Perioperative Anesthesia Conferences

Basic Principles in Pediatric Anesthesia

Grand Rounds 

Morbidity & Mortality 

Morning Report 

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow Journal Club 

Regional Report

Safe Pediatric Anesthesia Network for Africa (SPAN-A)

Senior Resident Seminar in Pediatric Anesthesia

Topics in Pediatric Anesthesiology 

Cardiac Anesthesia Conferences

Cardiac Anesthesia Journal Club 

Cardiac Anesthesia M&M

Cardiac Anesthesia Research

Topics in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia

Pain Service Conferences

Case Conference

Chronic Pain Management Follow-up

Pain Core Lecture Series

Critical Care Medicine (CCM) Conferences

Fellow Conference

Morbidity & Mortality 

Medical Grand Rounds

Morning Teaching Conference

Rotating Conference

Wellness Program for Clinicians

We view seeking balance and a hand up when needed as a strength, not a weakness!  At Boston Children’s Hospital’s Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain medicine we recognize the rigors, demands and stressors of a life dedicated to the care of sick children.  Our approach to wellness and burnout prevention hinges on three major foci; Education, Peer Support and Skills Building.

Throughout the year we have a Health and Wellness Lecture Series, which seeks to inform our department and rotating trainees on subjects such as burnout, substance use disorder, work-life balance, fitness, nutrition, financial well-being and mindfulness.  We have a strong relationship with the Office of Clinician Support, which can provide any clinician with free and confidential counseling as needed. 

For our trainees, support is facilitated via a novel bridge between our robust Quality Improvement initiatives and our Advisor system, providing a catch net for trainees exposed to adverse outcomes.   In order to establish life-long patterns conducive to a balanced, mindful and fulfilling career, we also meet monthly with our fellows to explore the personal and emotional impact of perioperative events and interactions, and to focus more heavily on the positive aspects of the day to day practice of medicine.  

We believe that happy and balanced clinicians are more humanistic and effective clinicians, and we want to support that!

Program Director: Amy Vinson, MD

Perioperative Anesthesia Conferences