Orthopedic Center | What to bring to your appointment

What should you bring to your appointment?

Appointment information

 physician's name
Orthopedic Center location
 name, address and telephone number of your referring physician
 name, address and telephone number of your primary care physician, if
   different from above
 list of any medications your child is taking
 gym shorts or another pair of shorts for the exam
 medical records, x-rays, MRIs or other lab results from other facilities
 social security number of patient and parent with the insurance coverage
 insurance card and insurance information, including referral
 for worker's compensation for accident/injury related visits—please bring your attorney's name, address, phone and
   case number

Other helpful items to make your visit more enjoyable:

 formula, diapers or a change of baby clothes

Before you leave your child's appointment

 request any school notes/forms that need to be completed
 request all prescriptions for medications, equipment or physical therapy
 request any copies of x-rays/films you wish to obtain for your records