Orthopedic Center | Outpatient Visit

What to expect upon arrival?

When you first arrive at the Orthopedic Center you will be seen at the check-in desk where we will verify personal and insurance information and collect the co-pay for your visit, if applicable. You will then proceed to the waiting area where you will be asked to complete a questionnaire on your child’s health history.

What to expect at your appointment

Once you are called into the exam room, the clinical assistant will obtain your child's height, weight and temperature. Your child may then be examined by a nurse practitioner or orthopedic resident before being seen by your physician. If x-rays are needed, you will be sent to radiology and then return to the orthopedic center. If you have other x-rays or studies (such as MRIs, CT scans, and bone scans) relevant to your child’s visit please bring them with you.

Return patients

Please bring your insurance card with you to every visit. At every visit, we verify your personal and insurance information to ensure accuracy. If your insurance, address or phone number has changed, please contact us so that we may update your information. This information is important in the event we need to contact you to change your appointment.

If x-rays are needed on your return visit, please plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your child's scheduled appointment. If your appointment is in Boston, traffic and parking in the Longwood Medical Area can often be heavy. Please take this into account as you plan your visit.