Orthopedic Center Patient Stories


A dream deferred but not denied by ACL Tear
Just three games into club season, Emily was on the field in North Carolina, running back to her net when she tore her left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). She heard her knee pop, and knew immediately what had happened.

Too hip for dysplasiaToo hip for dysplasia
December 12, 2016
See how two families both with babies with developmental dysplasia of the hip, develop a special bond. Read more.

Ashley Meyer meniscus transplant at Boston Children's HospitalFirst-of-its-kind knee surgery gets Ashley in the swing
August 25, 2016
Ashley, 16, suffered debilitating knee pain and early arthritis that puzzled orthopedic surgeons. See how the first pediatric meniscus transplant helped.Read more...

Matt Freitas Ninja WarriorMatt’s story: No obstacles
July 20, 2016
Ninja warrior warriors are used to facing obstacles, but few have faced what 15-year-old Matt has. His right leg was amputated after a car crash when he was 11. Matt approached his recovery with complete grit and determination, vowing to get back to the lacrosse field. He's achieved that and much, much more. Read more...

Dan and Alex - Gorham-Stout diseaseGorham-Stout disease: 12 years, two patients and one innovation
July 18, 2016
Dan and Alex are athletic, hockey players from Hingham, Mass. Both were diagnosed with Gorham-Stout disease, also called "vanishing-bone" disease. Read about their friendship and find out why Alex was out of the hospital just days after his spinal fusion surgery while Dan's experience reads like "War and Peace." Read more...

Sadie and Claire McCallum - Curb ClimberThe real story behind the Amazing Curb Climber
May 31, 2016
Read about Sadie, 9. She has cerebral palsy and invented an all-terrain walker called the Amazing Curb Climber. Read more...

George Davies - leg length discrepancy patient at Boston Children's HospitalGeorge the unstoppable conquers leg-length discrepancy
March 31, 2016
George was born with a rare genetic condition that resulted in a leg length discrepancy and has had three types of surgeries to stimulate bone growth in his left leg. Through it all, he's maintained his humor, developed a passion for chemistry and genetics and nurtured an incredible friendship with Dr. James Kasser. Read more...

HunterHunter’s story: Oh, the places he’ll go!
March 10, 2016
Hunter won't let cerebral palsy or hip dysplasia keep him from his active lifestyle! The fearless fourth grader loves to hike on his family's 20-acre property in Maine, with his mobility service dog, Wendy by his side. Read more about the dynamic pair and Hunter's journey to recovery. Read more...

MiaMia’s story: Looking back on Christmas Eve in the ER
December 23, 2015
What's it like to spend a Christmas holiday in the hospital? Mia, Disney-loving cheerleader, takes us behind the scenes after breaking her ankle and spending Christmas Eve in the ER in 2014. Read more...

Aiden and Aiden dollCelebrating Aiden and Aiden: Making a difference for kids with limb differences
November 19, 2015
Read about Aiden, who has a limb difference--a radial ray deficiency. This feisty five-year-old doesn't let it slow him down. He can even peel a banana faster than his younger brother, and his family is raising awareness about limb differences. Read more...

ColbyAfter competitive dreams end, gymnast finds a new beginning
November 4, 2015
Read about Colby, a gymnast with chronic knee pain. He dreamed of competing at Nationals. But his chronic knee pain followed by a broken wrist dashed his dreams. Colby battled back and found new athletic passions — diving and rock climbing. Read more...

DavidFor a yogi, holistic medicine and surgery go hand in hand
October 22, 2015
After years of suffering form lower back and hip pain, Boston-area yogi David Vendetti was diagnosed with bilateral hip impingement and labral tearing. Dr. Mininder Kocher performed two hip surgeries on David, who is recovering well and hoping to be back on the yoga mat in November. Read more...

CarolineCerebral palsy can’t this slow this coxswain
October 15, 2015
Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 2, Caroline, the 4’11” coxswain for a Division 1 women’s rowing team shows the power of determination. Read more...

GradyA smiling Spider-Man, soccer and buses 
October 8, 2015
Grady was diagnosed with Legg-Calves-Perth disease at age 4. As he hobbled on his hip brace, he wove his way into the hearts of his Stratham, New Hampshire school community and developed a special bond with Dr. Benjamin Shore. Two years after his diagnosis, Grady was back on the soccer field. Read more...

JessicaHouston girl with cleft hand plays piano and wows surgeon
July 30, 2015
Though Jessica was born with a cleft hand she has mastered piano and more. Listen to her play and read her story. Read more...

ChloeMy scoliosis story: Unbraced…after 2 years
July 16, 2015
Boston Children's Hospital scoliosis patient Chloe reflects on life with (and after) a scoliosis brace. Read more...

BrookeBrewing a great doctor-patient relationship
June 26, 2015
Brooke, a 20-year-old Northeastern University student from Miami with chronic health issues, loves Starbucks. So does her doctor, Kate Ackerman from Boston Children’s Hospital’s Female Athlete Program. Through their shared love of lattes, Brooke has learned to navigate the health system. Read about how Brooke conquered compartment syndrome. Read more...

ElijahHow running with Team Hoyt changed this father’s life
June 18, 2015
Elijah had a rough start in life. He didn’t take his first breath until two-and-a-half minutes after birth; then he developed seizures. He was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His parents Brian and Leah made sure to find the best care for Elijah. But Brian wanted more. He wanted a father-son activity. He found what he was looking for and much more when he started running with Team Hoyt.

AbbyMy scoliosis story: One year later—celebrating surgery
June 4, 2015
Abby was one of the first kids to have MAGEC rod surgery for scoliosis. Now, she's biking, swimming and running and needs far fewer surgeries. Read more...

Past patient stories


JuliaNever say never: Gymnast with brachial plexus soars
May 19, 2015

Julia suffered a brachial plexus injury during birth, but that hasn't stopped her. Read about her care at Boston Children's Hospital Orthopedic Center. Read more...

Hunter“I got a bike!”: Adaptive bike brings freedom to boy with cerebral palsy
May 5, 2015
Hunter Ripley, a 7-year old with cerebral palsy, has won an adaptive bike from The Great Bike Giveaway. Learn about his care at Boston Children's Hospital. Read more...

Sarah EdneyFrom torn labrum to Harvard hockey MVP
April 16, 2015
After a high-tech surgery and a four-month rehabilitation for a labral tear and FAI, Harvard women’s ice hockey star Sarah Edney has career-best season. Read how Boston Children's orthopedics team helped. Read more...

AdamSpinal surgery for spasticity: How Adam got to like his legs again
April 10, 2015
Adam was angry at his legs: Because of cerebral palsy, he couldn't sit crisscross, walked in a crouch and was constantly falling. After a spinal operation called selective dorsal rhizotomy, plus intensive physical therapy, he's on his way to keeping up with the other boys. Read more...

AaronIdaho mom goes the distance to help teen with scoliosis
April 2, 2015
Aaron is one tough kid. Born with a heart defect, he survived a stroke at age 3. Even though he’s confined to a wheelchair and has special needs, Aaron always has a smile on his face. When local doctors refused a life-saving surgery, his mom went the distance to find a surgical team that could balance his conditions and correct his scoliosis. Read more...

DylanThe art of healing: Spinal fusion patient Dylan Morang fights through pain for his art
March 20, 2015
Dylan, a 24-year-old spinal fusion patient from Maine, tapped into his inner artist before and after his two-month hospital stay. Read more...

PuckNearly 40 years after milestone ACL reconstruction surgery, Puck skis like a kid
February 19, 2015
“I’ve skied 1.7 million vertical feet in the last five years,” says 36-year-old Philip ‘Puck’ Wheaton. It’s an awful lot of skiing, especially for a guy who was born without an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)—the critical ligament that holds the knee together. Read more...

AnnaTeen with hip dysplasia can't wait to return to hospital
January 20, 2015
Periacetabular osteotomy surgery for hip dysplasia can be rough, but Anna, a young adult from N.H., found her surgery fueled a passion for medicine. Read more...

DavidIt’s MAGEC: new type of scoliosis surgery sparks a smile
December 9, 2014
Seven-year-old David is one of first U.S. patients to have MAGEC surgery for scoliosis. The magnetic growing rods mean he no longer needs a back brace and will have to have far fewer surgeries during childhood. David and his family celebrated by burning his dreaded back brace in a bonfire. It’s definitely reason to smile. Read more...

JenWounded warriors show life without limits
November 11, 2014

Summer camp was not on 10-year-old Jen’s wish list. She never dreamed that going to Wounded Warrior Softball Kids Camp would change her life completely. Read how she learned to accept herself and how she is committed to helping other child amputees. Read more...

KristinaBuddy system for hip dysplasia patients
October 16, 2014

When Babson College soccer player Kristina Simonson was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and required two major surgeries (called periacetabular osteotomy or PAO), she turned to Boston Children’s Hospital’s Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program. Read more...

TaylorScoliosis Surgery: From Tears to Smiles
June 11, 2014

When Taylor learned she needed surgery to treat her #scoliosis she was scared. Keeping close communication with her Boston Children's doctor, Michael Glotzbecker, made things far less overwhelming. Read more...

Sasha and LiseKeeping Twin Dancers on Their Toes
June 3, 2014

Eighteen-year-old twins Sasha and Lise Ramsay are like two peas in a pod. They started dancing at 3, fell in love with ballet by age 6 and will both enter the ballet program at Brigham Young University in the fall. Read more...

ChloeChloe Conway: Embrace the Brace
May 9, 2014

Chloe says scoliosis can be hard to deal with at times, but ultimately makes her a stronger person. Since beginning treatment at Boston Children's, Chloe has organized a #scoliosis support group. Read her blog and about learning to #EmbraceTheBrace. Read more...

MichelleBrachial plexus surgery helps tot give first hug
February 19, 2014

“When I first met Dr. Waters, I felt like he was an angel. I knew we were in the right place and in the right hands,” recalls Jonathan Mora. Jonathan, his wife and their 6-month-old daughter had endured a bumpy ride since her birth. Read more...

Julia MarinoOlympic skier Julia Marino overcomes an ACL injury
December 4, 2013

Julia Marino thrives at high speed and great heights. In 2009, she was at the top of her game. Coaches and slopestyle skiers had pegged her as a rising star on the World Cup circuit. Then she crashed. Read more...

AngelaBorn to run: How hip dysplasia surgery got this patient moving
May 23, 2012
The hip team not only treats a very special young girl with hip dysplasia and help her make a cast for her bear, so she doesn’t feel alone.