Meet Valerie

Sr. Genetics Counselor, Division of Genetics and Genomics

Genetics Counselor, from the Division of Genetics, drawing genetic code on glassJoined us in 2012

When Valerie was in high school, she loved genetics, but didn’t want a medical degree. As she put it, bodily fluids weren’t her thing. But being a researcher and working in a lab were right up her alley. For Valerie, that was the perfect marriage of science, medicine and people.

Today, Valerie uses all of those talents while she works as a Sr. Genetics Counselor, acting as a liaison between patients and medical providers. She works with families of children with a great variety of illnesses and educates and advises them about tests that need to be conducted, ultimately, taking them through the results.

“I worked in two other places, but here, they understand and value what we do,” says Valerie. “There are lots of roles within the discipline and that creates a solid network of expertise with a solid foundation. Genetics is a bigger presence and given the caliber of the institution with patients who come from all over the world for care, the exposure and learning are substantial”.

“The best part of my work is when I feel like I got it right. When I figure out a diagnosis and change lives”.

Outside of work, Valerie is all about her family, skiing and the great outdoors.

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