Meet Shauna

Staff Nurse, CICU Department

Staff Nurse from the CICU Department, holding a model of a heartJoined us in 2006

For as long as she can remember, Shauna wanted to be a nurse like her mom. Growing up in Boston, it seemed that every little girl wanted to be a nurse or a teacher. And everyone who wanted to be a nurse wanted to do so at Boston Children’s. While attending Scared Heart’s nursing school, Shauna first joined Boston Children’s as a Clinical Assistant. The minute she set foot on the unit - she knew she would never leave.

“There’s never been a moment that I don’t want to go to work,” says Shauna. “I know so many people who dread going to work and I can’t imagine feeling that way. My work affects me on an emotional level. I’m where I’m supposed to be”.

When she’s not happily at work, Shauna loves hockey and traveling the world with her girlfriends - and says her three-day work week makes all of that possible.

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